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Recover the Money That Lies Hidden in Your Sweeps


     How much more money can you earn on your Sweeps? Every year, about 80% of our new Sweeps customers react the same way when they see their Sweeps job results:

                       “I can’t believe how much more money I made on my sweeps this year.”



     Our experience with most new customers is that they get 12% to 20% more money on Sweeps from us. Some customers have gotten over 50% more, but a massive difference is an exception and we cannot promise it for you. We attribute this higher return to three factors:

  1. The Sweeps Process Stebgo uses is proven to recover close to 100% of the precious metals in every Sweeps job.

  2. The rising metals markets of the past few years increase the value of your sweeps.

  3. Honesty and integrity; Stebgo's owners insist on reporting to customers exactly what they find in every job. 


     If you are wondering whether you are getting what you should for your sweeps, we’ll be happy to help you. Call Stebgo at 800-289-0138 and ask about Sweeps.

     Unlike solids jobs, sweeps jobs cannot be done quickly if you want to recover all of the precious metals in them. A refiner must slow roast the sweeps and mill the ash to get a good return, and they must have honesty and integrity to report exactly what they find. copy.jpg

Stebgo's Process can net you up to 20% more!

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