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Gold Karat Scrap Refining & Recycling

  • Stebgo is an industry leader in refining karat gold scrap for jewelers, pawnbrokers, dental labs, coin dealers, gold buyers, and a variety of other businesses that have the need to recycle precious metals. This is the fastest and most efficient process Stebgo offers. Because we work exclusively with businesses rather than the public, you can expect the highest payout possible on karat gold scrap.


Silver Refining

  • Our Silver Process utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to refine significant amounts of silver. Like all Stebgo services, customers value the accuracy, honesty, and integrity Stebgo uses on every silver job to ensure a fair and competitive  payout on your silver scrap.

Platinum and Palladium Refining

  • Aside from gold and silver, Stebgo also has the ability to refine high-grade platinum and palladium scrap with extreme precision. The process is a little longer and more tedious, but your patience will pay off with a greater return.

Gold-Fill and Gold Plate

  • As a full-service refiner, Stebgo can also process lower grade material. This material also takes longer to process than high-grade karat gold, but customers are consistently surprised at their returns.  You should have a minimum of 5 lbs of this type of material for it to be worth refining.

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Please contact Stebgo with questions and specific details on any of these processes! 

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