Stone Removal Bid and Purchase

Strong Diamond Market

The strong market for diamonds - even melee - makes removing and selling diamonds quite profitable for any business that buys and sells karat scrap.

Make More Money with Less Effort

Stebgo Metals makes it easy to profit from diamonds with its Stone Removal, Appraisal, and Purchase service. 

  • Stebgo's service saves you the hassle of prying small stones from jewelry.

  • This chemical process means you don't have to worry about stones getting chipped or broken

  • Best of all, on all but the smallest jobs, Stebgo Stone Removal on Karat Scrap is FREE. Read a Stebgo Refining Schedule for details.

Get Top Dollar for Diamonds

Because we clean your stones before appraisal, you don't get a low ball bid for low grade stones.

  • Our diamond experts live the diamond market and they know the best sources to get top dollar for diamonds.
  • Stebgo's efficient appraisal process keeps costs low and enables Stebgo to pay top dollar for customers' diamonds.

Contact your Stebgo Sales Executive for details or inquire using the form on the left.

Get top $ for diamonds