Precious Metals Refining and Recycling

Gold Karat Scrap Refining & Recycling

Stebgo refines and recycles karat gold scrap for jewelers, pawnbrokers, coin dealers, gold buyers and others that buy karat gold from consumers. Stebgo works exclusively with businesses, not consumers.

Silver Recycling

Stebgo uses state of the art equipment to recycle significant amounts of silver and offers very competitive payouts. Like all Stebgo services, customers value the accuracy, honesty and integrity that Stebgo uses on every silver job. 

Dental Gold and Sweeps

Dental Labs love the high recovery rates on both Class 1A dental gold and on Class 2 sweeps jobs.

Industrial Precious Metals Recycling

Stebgo recycles gold reclaim from plating operations and gold plated parts from electronic, medical, and military parts.

Platinum and Rhodium Recycling - Class 9