Pawn Shops

Profitable Pawn Shop Trends

  • More profitable pawn shops work directly with a trusted refiner to earn both a higher % than with cash buyers and a higher return than with dishonest refiners

  • More profitable pawn shops get stones removed and sell those stones in 20 to 100 carat lots to expert diamond buyers

  • Smart pawn shop owners minimize the amount of time spent monitoring their refiner, removing stones, selling scrap, and selling stones

  • These three practices save valuable time and can increase returns on karat scrap by 15% or even 20%. Stebgo Metals helps pawn shop owners be smarter and more profitable.

Make More Money with Less Effort

Many Pawn Shop owners choose to work with Stebgo Metals because Stebgo helps them make more money with less effort. Stebgo customers benefit from:

  • High Returns (more money) because of Stebgo refining expertise, lean operations, and Stebgo's insistence on honesty and integrity on all jobs for all customers.

  • Time and Money Saving Services such as Free Stone Removal to recover more stones and profit from them

  • Stone Purchases - Stebgo cleans customers' stones to get top dollar from diamond experts

  • High Payouts and Returns on Silver

  • Free Shipping and Insurance, Advances, E-payments, and Market Lock Options make it safe, easy, low cost and risk free to work with Stebgo

Less Profitable Practices

Pawn Shop owners and managers are busy. Time is precious because time is money and because your life is about more than working 24/7. Surprisingly we find that:

  • Owners and managers spend hours of precious time driving and waiting at a precious metals refiner, or they spend hours and hours documenting their metals purchases and selling karat scrap to their middleman buyer - there is a better way - ask your Stebgo Sales Executive how his customers are saving time and money

  • Many pawn shops send karat to scrap to refiners and do not get their small diamonds removed - diamond value ranges from 5% to 15% of karat gold value - there is an easy way to remove stones and sell them for top dollar - ask your Stebgo Stebgo Sales Executive if you qualify to the Stebgo Stone Buying Program

Make Stebgo Your Trusted Refiner

  • Stebgo refines every job with Honesty & Integrity - customers get credit for 100% of the Precious Metal Stebgo finds

  • Instead of pocketing a hidden profit - Stebgo pays customer for the Silver in Karat Scrap jobs - the 8 to 10% Silver in Karat Gold increases your payout by .25% to .35%.

  • Stebgo keeps pin samples for months - just in case you need your results reviewed 

Trust Stebgo Metals to make refining scrap gold easier and more profitable