Gold Reclaim

Stebgo Metals helps precious metal plating operations recover their gold reclaim. Plating Customers tell us they continue to use Stebgo Metals for these reasons:
  • Expertise Recovering Precious Metals
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Excellent Service

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Gold Plated Parts

Stebgo recycles and refines gold plated parts used in electronic, medical, and military applications.

The gold % is typically 1% on plated parts, but on some parts the gold % approaches 4%. With gold over $1,500 an ounce, a 10 pound lot of gold plated parts, pins, and strips can be worth over $8,000.

When you have 10 or more pounds of clean, gold plated parts, Stebgo can quickly and efficiently melt and assay your job. And Stebgo always pays its customers based on 100% of the precious metal found. Stebgo never takes something off the top at your expense.

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Gold Reclaim Testimonial

"In September 2010 we investigated changing where we were having some of our gold reclaims performed and decided to try Stebgo Metals in St. Paul.

We have been very pleased with the returns we have seen from Stebgo in comparison to our own internal analysis that we perform by using Inductively Coupled Plasma technology prior to shipping materials out for reclaim.

We trust their accuracy and integrity, and we appreciate the personal service and fast turnaround on jobs."


Jerrid Matson
Production Manager

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