Dental Lab Refining Services

  • Dental Scrap

  • Dental Sweeps

A full service precious metal assay laboratory right on the premises insures expeditious results on your samples with the highest level of analytical accuracy possible. Stebgo Metals gives the best return on dental refining because we have the equipment and expertise to handle the many facets of the dental lab industry. From vacuum bags, grindings, crown and bridge to carpet we process it all.

Save Thousands More Dollars 

  • Stebgo's honesty and  integrity insures you receive credit for every gram of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium we find.

  • Customers routinely tell us their scrap returns are higher with Stebgo than any other refiner they have worked with.

  • On Sweeps jobs, 12% to over 20% higher returns are common with Stebgo Metals.

This means our dental lab customers recover thousands more dollars worth of the precious metals you use. With precious metals prices so high, getting paid for all of the precious metal you submit to your refiner is important.

Stebgo offers returns in Check, Wire Transfer, and a wide range of bullion and coins.