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Do not let your precious metal scrap go down the drain!

Posted by Scott Stebbing on Fri, Oct 03, 2014 @ 04:30 PM

In the Jewelry, Dental, Pawn and Medical industries that

manufacture or repair precious metal products, having a sink trap

is a must.  I have been surprised how many companies

neglect installing this simple contraption under their shop sinks to

capture micro fine gold, silver, platinum and palladium.


I had an opportunity to do a quick test with one of my dental

labs who recently moved. He reinstalled his old trap in the new location

and put in a new liner. We waited exactly a year before seeing what was

captured in the trap. This particular trap was set up where they cleaned off

their dental castings so the trap also served as a helpful device to keep

investment from going down the drain and clogging pipes.


There are a few different types of traps available with different 

capacities and function. The one pictured here for this blog is what

was installed at the dental lab and is a common plaster trap that

will capture the casting investment and precious metal. The lab brought in the

liner and we processed finding over $750 worth of precious metal material

captured in the sludge. The trap was initially a $130 investment a few years

back and the replacement liners run approximately $30 each so it paid for

itself immediately.

describe the image


Whether you are a big manufacturer of just a one man outfit

there are some very effective sink traps you can get from most

jewelry tool suppliers. Companies like Stuller Settings, Rio Grande

and OttoFrei carry a nice selection of precious metal traps. I have also seen

some custom made and bigger scale traps for the large manufacturer.

Email me ( if you are in need of a larger design and I will 

send you information. A trap will also capture stones so I recommend having

one in the sink where your steam cleaner and ultrasonic are located. To save on

refining fees you may want to dry out the captured material before

you send it in to your refinery. The money saved by having a trap is well worth the time

spent installing, do not put off getting one any longer!


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