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Posted by Scott Stebbing on Fri, Sep 12, 2014 @ 12:07 PM

Stebgo Alert

We had another 18KW Stainless fake come through our office
(see picture below). This link bracelet was not magnetic and had the same
characteristics of the other 18KW fakes I have described in previous blogs.
Remember, with stainless you will get no reaction at all with nitric acid and
it is very hard. You will find that a file will skip across the surface on this
kind of piece. If you have the luxury of heating this material up with your
bench torch before purchase you will get a bit of a cobalt blue oxidation from
that process.

describe the image


Some reminders of items to be extra careful when buying:

Karat stamp but no hallmark – Could be a plated item or no value item someone stamped

Hard to file – Could be a non - precious material like Stainless

A lot of work done on piece – Drives down overall karat

Handmade 24K Jewelry – Often this can be under karat

Customer in a hurry – Do not let anyone rush you

Chains – The most common plated and fake items are chains

Religious jewelry made in Mexico – Can be low karat or way off from karat stamp shown

Anything marked sterling made in Mexico – All over the board on purity

Weighted Items – Refer to my Sterling blog for examples

Heavy white men’s chain marked 14K or 18K – Could be Stainless/Chromium

Remember it is ok to walk away – If unsure with item do not buy

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